Jo-Ju Shampoo
    Jo-Ju Shampoo helps
    to enhance hair growth
    with natural active
    ingredients to maintain
    a thick, lustrous,
    healthy head of hair.

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    Jo-Ju Scalp Lotion
    Jo-Ju Scalp Lotion for women with Sanguisorba officinalis helps prevent hair loss, reduces hair fall and thinning.
    Lexilis Scalp Lotion
    Lexilis Scalp Lotion for men with Eriobotrya japonica helps prevent hair loss, increasing hair growth at the hair line and crown.
    Conditioning Treatment
    Jo-Ju Conditioning Treatment with Sanguisorba officinalis helps prevent hair loss and assists in maintaining healthy hair.
    Advangen: Extending the growth phase of the hair cycle
    Validated Products
    Advangen's products have active ingredients that have been shown to inhibit FGF-5, the protein triggering the transition of hair follicles from growth to rest phase, Read more »
    Hair Cycle
    and Hair Loss
    To understand hair loss we need to understand how the hair grows and why it falls out. One of the key triggers for hair to fall out is the FGF-5 protein. Read more »
    Paula, Mosman
    My hair grew longer faster than it had before.

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